The Merchant

The Merchant who would be King

Hadiin is bored of playing the same old RPG classes, with swords and spells and the same old monster-killing grind. He longs for a new challenge. Undead butler? Mimic chest? Ghost? Hmm…

How about playing a merchant?

This is appealing. The gold, the glory of riches. Why spend your days crawling dungeons for coin when you can make the coin come to you instead? 

Then it occurs to him that, with enough money, he might be able to do something that no regular adventurer in the game ever has — become a king. 

Yes, it’s time to stop working for gold and time to make the gold work for him. And enjoy all the luxurious pleasures it can provide. 

Greed is good.

fantasy, gamelit, litrpg

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