The Book . Gallery


I have recently founded The Book . Gallery.

The website is designed with three goals in mind:

1. Authors, including indie authors, can self-promote their works.

2. Readers have a visual, interactive and tactile medium in which to discover stories.

3. No censorship. The community is equally open to authors of all genres. (So there’s no bias against erotica writers.)


A Home For Established Authors and Indie Authors Alike

Whether you’re an established writer, and indie writer, or new to the industry, everyone’s looking to spread their work to new fans, and to find more ways of reaching their existing ones. Writers want to write, readers want to read, so the more tools we have to connect these two groups, the better.

The Book . Gallery For Authors

The more places we can get in touch with potential readers, the better. The Book . Gallery is a place where authors can freely and easily promote their books. Use it as an avenue to find new fans. Use it to maintain connections with old fans.

The Book . Gallery for Readers

As readers, we want to be able to search out the best content. We also want to be able to find interesting new books and authors that haven’t yet become known. And, perhaps most importantly, we want a place where we can find anything, no matter our tastes. The Book . Gallery gives readers a place to do all of this.

The Book . Gallery uses a familiar and popular system of display and navigation, so it’s easy to start using it. Pinned books are easy to go through in large volume. You can search by genre or tags, visit authors specifically, create and share your own lists, and find out what your friends like. Click on any pin and you can instantly see what the book is about. And most authors will provide links so that you can buy the book right away.

The Book . Gallery’s Policy On Censorship

Sadly, books with any sexual content have long been stigmatized and avoided. Big companies in all industries prioritize satisfying customers who don’t like sexual content over those that do. It’s a one-sided bias that has left a vast hole in what many people want and have the right to experience.

Many self-publishing authors are choosing to fill that void, and have achieved great results. Erotic genres are exploding in popularity. With results, however, comes attention. Closed-minded people have lashed out, causing companies like Amazon and Paypal, or in one infamous incident, Kobo, to make it harder and harder for writers and readers of content that includes sexuality to experience it. In some cases, this undeserved backlash has caused the entire self-publishing arena to suffer. It’s certainly making it harder to become mainstream.

The Book . Gallery promises to do its best to not censor or bury or devalue any deserving stories. If it’s not hurting someone, then people should have the freedom to write it, and the freedom to find and read it. At The Book . Gallery, we believe people have the capacity to be open-minded and mature enough to simply navigate around content they’re not interested in. It simply makes more sense than banning huge areas of literature and robbing so many people of the ability to enjoy life the way they want. It’s freedom of choice.

Please, Spread The Word

In order to make the site better, we need more authors to post their books, and more readers to Like and Re-pin their favourites. Please, spread the word and help more people discover The Book . Gallery and make this a tool and a community we can all be proud of.


– Timothy Baril (founder)