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    Wisdom Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Our entire lives are spent trying to live better. We’re constantly searching for the secrets of life, those pieces of information that are the keys to living well.…

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    The 6 People I Believe In Movement

    by Timothy Baril High self esteem is our judgement of what we’re worth as human beings, and how we feel about ourselves. Nathaniel Branden in 1969 defined self-esteem as “the experience of being competent…

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    Your Body Can Be A Masterpiece

    Bodyshaping is an art. Your body is the canvas. Weights are your brush and nutrition your paint. We all have the ability to turn a self portrait into a masterpiece. ボディシェピングは芸術である。あなたの体がキャンバスで、重りは筆と栄養である。我々は皆、自画像をマスターピースに描きあげることが出来る。   This…

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    Be Thankful for Bad People

    We should be thankful for the difficult people we meet. They show us exactly who we don’t want to be. 難しい人達との出会いに感謝するべきである。それは自分がなりたくない自分を教えてくれるから。   This poster was originally created for English as a Second Language…

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    The Best Relationships

    The best relationship is when your lover is also your best friend. You can be yourself with them, and they still love you for who you are. 最高の関係とは、あなたの恋人が親友でもある関係だ。あなたがあなたである事を愛してくれる人達との関係だ。   This poster was originally…

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    Decisions Come From Values

    It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are. 自分の価値観が分かっていれば、物を選ぶのはそんなにむつかしくはない。 Roy E. Disney   This poster was originally created for English as a Second Language (ESL) learning tool for…