• Articles

    Life and Death, and Love

    Life is impermanent. Wind blown chaos of feelings and experiences, a maelstrom of sights and sounds, followed by bleak stillness, forever silent, nothingness. Birth gives us one chance to explore the universe. Death…

  • Love Letters


    (If it’s too distracting with vocals while you read, play it after. Because it’s beautiful. Just like you.) Soulmates Life is a long, lonely journey punctuated by all-too-brief interludes of something more precious…

  • Poetry

    To Be With You

    To be with you or not to be with you? That is the question. It presents itself every day. Quietly, yet with hope. And every day, I choose: You. Each small decision is…

  • Love Letters

    And There Is Love

    There are times when telling you that I love you seems poorly inadequate to describe the sheer immensity of how I feel for you. What we have between us is so much more…

  • Short Stories

    Romance Of Zhang Li

    In a place long ago and a time far away, there was a little girl named Zhang Li. She was a rowdy and very undisciplined child. She terrorized the boys in her school…

  • Short Stories

    The Fever

    Ice cold winds beat brutally against the cabin door. Snow from the blizzard piled against the outside walls like ash, the landscape a barren wasteland to his eyes, the cabin an empty shell.…

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