a strikingly pretty fairy girl in a short pink mini-dress

She was virtually buzzing with positive energy, flitting back and forth on delicate green wings. Golden blonde hair was tied back in a thick ponytail, though several tendrils escaped, framing her delicate features and eyes the the color of dark honey. Her ears were slightly pointed, though not as much as Arwin imagined an elf’s ears would be.


Short, dirty blonde hair. Athletic, muscled. About 180cm tall. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers.

I guess just a white t-shirt, but with a small logo, BURTON, in black letters, like below. The logo doesn’t have to be fully readable if you’ve got the body turned or something. Just the suggestion of the name is fine.

Reference pics: (Ryan Reynolds)

Enchantress’s Hand:

All-ages cover:

Something that helps the audience see it’s a fantasy genre, what do you think of this:

How about this style? Enchantress in the center, a little sexy, but not too much. Human, skeleton and fairy in the background. But maybe a greener colour scheme in the back?
Enchantress in the center, a little sexy, but not too much. Maybe a little magic light swirling in one hand. Human, skeleton, giant spider and fairy in the background. But maybe a warmer, greener colour scheme in the back? Could also be off-center, with her more on one side, the other characters still in the back, but on the other side?

References for Dark Enchantress:
(Her irises are purple in the book, btw. Lips are initially red like blood, but that changes in different scenes, so whatever works. She has long nails.)

Adult cover:

I did a search for ‘fantasy’ on in their Kindle store. It feels like a huge percentage of the books feature some half naked guy. lol. A lot of a guy and girl together. Makes sense because almost 40% of the book market is romance. I don’t want to feature the romantic angle for the all-ages book, but for the adult one, a cover that plays to that is fine.

What about a cover with just the Dark Enchantress and Arwin, the guy, with very little background? Maybe side-by-side, her in the sexy skin-tight dress with a naughty look, holding up her hand with scraps of his shirt in her nails. His shirt is clawed open, showing a bit of muscle, a playful or amused expression on his face?

The below reference pics are cool, but all that white space feels cold. Maybe a warmer, greener colour scheme, something that helps indicate it’s fantasy? What do you think?


Throne Room

Nighttime. Throne room of the Dark Enchantress. She’s gorgeous, sexy, wearing a skin-tight dress, seducing the main character, Arwin. Arwin is human male, from Earth, dressed in jeans and t-shirt. He’s athletic, lightly muscled. (ref pics below) His hands are bound to the stone wall by spider webbing. She’s evil, playful, sexy, dominant. The room has many spiders.

She was darkly radiant. Like the moon on a night with no stars, she shone so brightly it was overwhelming. She was young, perhaps his age and utterly beautiful, so much so that his heart squeezed in his chest. The goddess’s creamy skin glowed pale in milky moonlight streaming down from windows and skylights above, the glass somehow amplifying the silvery beams. One gentle hand, with long, elaborately painted and jewelled nails, reached out to stroke his face. Instant, cooling relief flooded Arwin’s body and he moaned in gratitude. As the pain left, his vision cleared and became sharper.

Before him stood a woman like none he’d ever seen. Tall, confident, immaculate and gorgeous, she was physically the pinnacle of womanhood. And yet, somehow she also seemed evil and very deadly. Maybe it was the way she casually stood there with weight more on one foot, hand on her hip, hungrily eyeing him in the way one did when sizing up dessert.

She stepped close. In her very high heels, the woman was as tall as Arwin. His gaze became lost within her eyes, two dark gems of purple amethyst. Rare, exotic, beautiful eyes. Leaning in, long, wavy dark hair framing her fine features, she spoke, her voice like silken steel. “Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the flies.” Lips the colour of fresh blood curled into a smile that also flashed in her playful, yet calculating, intelligent eyes. She left him and walked towards Yaz, who hung chained from the wall just as Arwin now realized he, too, did. 

The woman wore a skin-tight black silk dress cut very high up one side. So thin and ephemeral was the dress that it seemed to be more of a thought than a real thing. The side slit revealed terrifically sexy legs as she walked. No, the movement was more feline, predatory; she stalked. It was obvious that she wore nothing at all underneath the sultry gown. Tall, stiletto heels clicked on the stone as she glided forward. Literally, the heels were stilettos, shaped like small daggers that gleamed and flashed in the moonlight.

Arwin looked around. He was in some kind of throne room. A statue of three giant black spiders crawling up the wall created the throne itself. The walls and floor were of midnight marble polished to a high sheen. Moonlight poured through high windows, illuminating thousands of silvery cobwebs and translucent orb webs spun in every nook and corner. The ceiling was alive with eight legged things. The sight sent a shiver knifing down Arwin’s spine. He hated spiders.

Reference pics:

Blue Forest

Arwin, human male, dressed in jeans and t-shit, is in a forest of blue pine trees that is on fire with blue flames. A giant computer monitor the side of a car, with a blank blue screen, terrorizes him. A naked fat man runs away in the background.

A hand grabbed Arwin from behind and hauled him backwards. It was the blue collar leader. “Let’s get out of here!” he screamed in Arwin’s ear, still barely heard over the roaring flames.

Arwin had no choice. He and the leader ran for the one side of the forest not yet burning. They caught up to the others, everyone in wild-eyed panic as they tried to escape.

But it was no use. The fire circled around through the forest, cutting off their route. The group came to a panting halt.

“What in the blue blazes?” one man asked, pointing ahead.

Arwin and the others looked. 

From within the flames, and entirely unscathed by them, probably protected by magic, rose a monstrous computer monitor, the kind common in the nineteen eighties, big, heavy and ugly. It was the size of a small movie screen with a shell of hard, beige plastic. The screen was uniformly blue in colour.

“No…No…!” a man screamed in denial, backing away. Others followed suit.

“It’s the blue screen of death!” cried the blue leader.

Men howled with fear and ran. 

Arwin stood rooted, unable to believe what he was seeing. He watched the monitor float through the blue blaze towards the men. Blue death rays shot out from the screen. Each man screamed once when struck, then froze and toppled to the forest floor. 

Reference Pics:

Skeleton Meeting

Arwin, human male, dressed in jeans and t-shit, is on a sandy forest path on a beautiful day. He’s amused by the skeleton on front of him. The skeleton is on knees and one hand, with the other hand lodged into his pelvis from the backside. The skeleton has a look of surprised dismay on his face at being discovered in this condition.

It was a skeleton picking his butt. Or, perhaps he would be, if he had a butt. The figure was on one hand and both knees, the other limb lodged in his backside. A male voice grumbled and worked the hand rigorously.

Arwin’s eyes widened and he pulled up short. “Uh, whoa.” He raised his hands defensively.

The skull twisted around to look at him. “Oh, of all the rotten times to be caught with one’s pants down.”

Arwin’s jaw dropped. “You’re an animated, talking skeleton!”

The skeleton rolled his head in exasperation. “Ah, you’re retarded. For a moment I was worried that you might be someone dangerous.”


Arwin, human male, dressed in jeans and t-shit, is climbing a wall covered in wallflowers. Each wallflower is the size of a dinner plate and has a face. Perhaps one is giving him an indignant or angry look. Arwin is peering into a garden full of comedic pun plants.

He slid between dense thickets of trees and climbed a short rise. He soon found himself before a tall brick wall just slightly higher than he could reach. Huge flowers the size of a dinner plate, each with four petals, grew directly out of the wall itself. That puzzled Arwin for a moment, but he soon got it. “Wallflowers.” he chuckled. He stepped back, tensed his body, and then stepped forward, launching himself up towards the lip of the wall.

“Hey! Watcha doin’ there, sonny?” a voice shouted.

Arwin slipped from the top of the wall and landed hard on his bottom. He scrambled up and spun about, looking for the source of the voice.

“Don’t turn yer back on me when I’m talking t’ you!”

Arwin jumped in surprise, then turned about. He scanned the top of the wall but saw no figure there. Who was talking?

“Eyes front, young man. You daft or somethin’?”

Arwin lowered his gaze. Then he dropped his jaw. Eyes and a mouth had appeared in the face of one of the wallflowers. That’s who was speaking! “Um-um…”

“Yes, Erysimum.” the flower spat. “Erysimum Wittmanii. That’s my technical name.” The eyes narrowed. “You know somethin’ about gardening?”

Arwin put on a confident air. “Yes. Actually, I’m Azmunk’s new gardener.”

“You mean Azmont?”

“That’s what I said.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Speech impedimonk.”


“Exactly.” Arrwin nodded.

“Ah.” The wallflower nodded sympathetically. “Sorry to hear that.”


The flower’s eyes became suspicious once again. “Well, if yer Azmont’s new gardener, why you climbin’ over this wall?”



“Faster than going all the way around, isn’t it?”

The wallflower tried to give that some thought, but flowers weren’t especially intelligent. It nodded. “Can’t argue with that. Very well. Carry on then.”

“Thank you.” Arwin leaped up and caught the edge of the wall. Gracefully, he pulled himself up and peered over the top.

A display of botanical wonder lay before him. Flowers of every shape and size could be seen, from pinhead dots of red on carpeting moss to giant blossoms the height of a man. Beyond the garden stood an orderly row of trees and a three story mansion rose beyond those, the elderly-looking building formed of heavy stone and stout wood beams.

Reference Pics:

Undead Battle

Arwin, human male, dressed in jeans and t-shit, is facing several undead. They are coming out of a tunnel. He is on a path, underground. The path’s sides are sheer and drop away, forming a kind of bridge, so there’s nowhere to run and only a couple of undead can face him at any one time. He as a sword. Yaz, the friendly skeleton, has an orb of light in his skull, using his eyes like headlights, and is leading them along the path, urging Arwin along. Yaz is facing backwards, illuminating the undead for Arwin, so the human can fight.

They burst out of the catacombs into a dark cavern. Both came skidding to a halt. Before them stretched a long, narrow bridge made from the same stone path they’d been running on. But on either side, the walls were gone. Instead, there was only raw, wet stone several meters away on each side.

Arwin bent double, desperate for air. All the gold in his pockets really weighed him down.

Yaz looked up. The ceiling was far above them. The light wasn’t bright enough to penetrate that distance. They couldn’t make it out. 

Water dripped down steadily from above. Arwin noticed that the walkway was all wet. In fact, he noticed signs where it had been worn away. “We’re under the swamp.” he said in surprise.

“We are?”

Arwin noted the washed out earthen walls. “It’s a sink hole. Water above probably eroded a weak pocket of clay or limestone, until one day it all just opened up into this cavity. There’s probably a big cavern below us that swallowed all the earth here. Or maybe an underground river that carried it away.”

Yaz peered over the edge of the walkway. The light did nothing to the darkness below. The bottom was beyond them. But they did discover that a thin strip of rock held up the walkway. Mostly.

The leading skeletal swordsman swung at Arwin. Luckily, the undead was only recently activated. He still moved with jerky, inaccurate motions.

Arwin ducked under the swing, then swung his own rusty sword like a baseball bat at the thing’s legs. The bones crumpled and the skeleton fell into the abyss. But another horror took its place. Arwin parried the next swing, then another, backing up slowly. Yaz was unable to turn forward and proceed down the walkway for that would take the light off their enemies, leaving Arwin at their mercy in the darkness. 

They continued backing up. The path grew increasingly perilous as more and more stones fell away. But the path also widened and now two undead came at them abreast. Yaz swore. “We can’t keep this up. They’re going to swamp us.”

“I’m going to knock them down in a pile together.” Arwin said, parrying a very strong blow. His arms numbed with the force of it. The undead were strong and getting stronger. “Then we make a run for it!”

Yaz pulled the ball of light from his skull and held it in his hands so that it lit up a greater area. “Ready when you are!”

Arwin sliced into a wrist and the undead knight lost his sword. Then Arwin backed away just far enough for the next skeleton to miss with its swing. Arwin brought his blade up and pushed the swordsman’s blade in the direction it was already going, lodging it in the body of the disarmed skeleton. This tangled them together for a moment, giving Arwin time to take out their legs. The pair fell to the pathway and the next pair of skeletons tripped over them, blocking the way forward for the rest. Arwin spun. “Run!” he shouted.

Other Projects

Dark Enchantress – Face

Closeup of her face. Evil, smiling.

Heartstone Logo

“Heartstone” etched into gold-flecked, warm stone. Some moss on the rock. Bordered by beating heart flowers and dark green leaves.

Also, a stone only version on white background as well, no moss or flowers.

Reference Pics: (other ideas fine too)