The Vampire: Revenge of the Sadist


Aubrey Holmwood is young, naive and completely inexperienced at life. He’s also rich. Suddenly thrust into the maelstrom of upper class social competition, he is easily swept up under he influence of a mysterious and strange man who has caught everyone’s attention. His name is Lord Ruthven and he has a secret. When Lord Ruthven wishes to depart England for the continent, Aubrey follows, eager to learn all he can from this handsome and seductively charming individual.

But all is not as it seems. Lord Ruthven’s beahviour is not the ideal Aubrey thought it would be. Parting ways with Ruthven, Aubrey falls madly in love with a wonderful young woman, Ianthe, in Athens. She tells him of a terrifying creature: the vampire. But he does not heed her warning, and that is his undoing.

The sadistic vampire storms into Aubrey’s life, bringing death and torture, delighting in causing the utmost pain and humilation. Can Aubrey survive such depredations? Can he bring himself to save those he loves? Or will the vampire destroy them all?

Inspired by John William Polidori’s The Vampyre, one of the most influential vampire stories of the 19th century.

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My original publication was based on the Polidori short story. But I realized later that the structure needed to be redone to better suit the much longer version I’d written.

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