Undead Collaborations

The stories in the Monsters universe feature the great terrors of old. No sparkly skinned romances here, these monsters are out for blood and death.

While some works are original in this universe, one of the fun goals is to take and modify old, both famous and forgotten, books of yore and resurrect them, bringing them to life for modern audiences. It’s a way to reconnect readers of today with our literary and cultural roots, while modernizing old stories with more recent language and ideas.

Much of the original feel, characters and imagery remains, preserving the wonderful work of the original authors, with new content added to spice things up and give it a new feel too.

Dracula: London Calling

Where did Dracula ever come up with the idea for leaving Transylvania for rainy London?

A creepy, fun tale of two young lovers trying to figure out their future, and the monster preying on them.

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A retelling of the classic tale, expanded to include other supernatural legends.

No sparkly vampires here, these are the monsters of old, and they are out for your blood.

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The Vampire: Revenge of the Sadist

A sadistic vampire storms into Aubrey’s life, bringing death and torture, delighting in causing the utmost pain and humilation. Can Aubrey survive such depredations? Can he bring himself to save those he loves? Or will the vampire destroy them all?

Inspired by John William Polidori’s The Vampyre, one of the most influential vampire stories of the 19th century.

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Carmilla: Prelude to Dracula

The vampiress who inspired Dracula. A tale of horror and romance between two young women, one of whom has a very dark secret.

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