Series: Welcome to Heartstone

Adventure. Romance. Magic. A skeleton picking his butt.

For centuries, the portal to another dimension remained closed. Now, it is mysteriously open again (wow!), and the link between Earth and Heartstone allows us to journey once more to this magical realm.

Dark Enchantress
Welcome to Heartstone 1 Dark Enchantress (sm)

Arwin’s finished university and his whole life lays before him. But there are so many choices and he’s confused. None of them look appealing. Does he try to stick to his ideals about life, or sell out to become a corporate robot? Does he do his own thing, or try to fit in? He’s got bills to pay and a girl to please but the future looks bleak. The pressures in life seem overwhelming.

Then things take an unexpected and dramatic turn. Everything seems to come crashing down around him, leaving him with a broken heart. Feeling down and hopeless, he suddenly finds himself travelling to a whole new world: Heartstone. There, he encounters Yaz, an undead skeleton on a thousand year quest to save his one true love, a princess, of course.

Is this a chance for hope? A chance to prove his inner worth? A way to give his life meaning and purpose, restoring his pride in himself?

But, (Gasp!) before they can set out on their journey together, they fall into the evil clutches of the gorgeous, sexy and brilliant Dark Enchantress! And she’s got designs on poor, unsuspecting Arwin.

Will Arwin heal his broken heart? Will he find the answers to life? Or will he be eaten alive by giant spiders? Or turned into a toad? Read to find out!

Quests & Ogres
Welcome to Heartstone 2 Quests & Ogres (sm)

Escaping from her dungeons, with the deadly Dark Enchantress hot on their tail, our heroes are joined by Melina, a most delightful and slightly naughty little fairy. They venture onwards on a death-defying quest to raid an ogre village, where Epheria, Yaz’s long, lost lover lays entombed in magic crystal. But they may be in way over their heads.

Eris, a beautiful nine-tailed fox-woman appears, offering hope and help. But can she be trusted? Is she really what she seems? Together, the friends embark on 3 mini quests for the magical treasures they need to overcome the ogres, testing the bonds of friendship and sowing the seeds of new love.

But all is not so simple. Intimate questions grip Yaz’s heart. What will happen if he really does find Epheria and rescues her? It’s been over a thousand years. Will he still love her? Will she be able to love him even though his days of flesh and blood are long past? His heart hangs on the edge between happiness and despair. And only Epheria can provide the answers.

Will they find Epheria and rescue her? Will Eris turn out to be as true as she is beautiful, or will she eat Arwin’s heart out? Literally. Can Arwin overcome feelings of inadequacy brought about by heartbreak? Or will his weakened self confidence doom them all? And is Piers just a famous magicist, or a secret tribute to one of the greatest fantasy authors of all time?

Princess & The Lich (coming soon)
Welcome to Heartstone 3 Princess & The Lich (sm)

An ancient enemy has been resurrected. Doh! Now our heroes and heroine need to form a very unexpected alliance to hunt down a monstrously powerful undead wizard and his deadly army of, well, undead, obviously.

(Which just makes sense. If you’re going to raise an army, the dead are just a lot more economical. They really don’t care about health plans and pensions at all. And hey, if one loses a limb on the job, it’s not such a big deal.)

Their journey won’t be easy. Melina’s falling in love but Orchid’s got her sights set on Arwin too. Yet Arwin’s still nursing a broken heart, unsure whether or not he can trust it to someone else ever again. Mistrust, fear of betrayal, hordes of dragons, an army of the dead. And at the end of the road, should they survive that long, an undead necromantic wizard. With sexy zombie henchwomen.

Well, ‘sexy’ really depends on who you ask. Beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder. Ooh, there should be a beholder in the story! Those evil, death-dealing eye tyrants are so cute. No…no, we’ll save that for later.

Art by MinzyKat http://minzykat.deviantart.com
Art by MinzyKat

You’ll get excited. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.*

(*Ok, you probably won’t cry. Unless you hurt yourself while reading a book, and that’s pretty difficult to do. Unless you get a paper cut. But considering you’re probably reading it in ebook form, our legion of lawyer-doctor-scientists is relatively sure that you won’t get any paper cuts in the reading of these novels on your smart phone. Unless you’re walking and using the phone at the same time and that’s just dangerous for everyone, so stop it.)


Deadly, garrulous dragons; mysterious magic and brilliant science coming together to create magical science; crude humour and hilarious puns; multicoloured elves; a sexy nurse-shark; hidden tributes to pop and historical culture (can you find them all?); rousing tales of adventure; an evil but gorgeous spider queen; bone-crunching ogres; legions of undead hungry for brains; the delicious gingerbread man; a naughty fairy who wants to see the world; and, of course, all kinds of hot nymphs.


This universe is a mixture of fantasy and comedy. It was inspired by high-fantasy worlds such Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), notably Forgotten Realms, as well as the unique and brilliant works of Piers Anthony, whose pun-based adventures take place in the awesome world of Xanth. (Go read his books!)

The world of Heartstone includes silly comedy, fun adventure and a little romance and drama all mixed together. And, if we’re lucky, there’s a kernel or two of intriguing wisdom lurking within the pages that might just make you think.

Artwork by Bokuman

2 Versions:

All Ages

This version of the book is safe for all ages. It’s work-safe. Not that you should be reading at work. Especially if you’re driving. Or playing with fire. Fire and books really don’t mix.


This version of the book is also safe for all ages. In that it won’t poison you when you read it or give you cancer. Isn’t that awesome?! 😀

But it has sex and curse words. If you’re one of the many, many people who enjoy that kind of thing, be adult and read the Mature version.

You can identify it by the adorable little heart on the cover. See below?


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Special thanks to Omar Atef for the cover of Book 1: Dark Enchantress. Visit his DeviantArt page to see more of his art!