On Grammar & Style

They say that only famous writers are allowed to play with grammar and make strong style choices. The rest of us hacks have to do things the traditional, normal way.

Well, hack or not, I’m going to defy the norm and try something different.


“Do you love Heartstone?” she asked. –> Acceptable.

“I love Heartstone!” he exclaimed. –> Acceptable.

“I wish I could go to Heartstone,” he said. –> Acceptable. Traditional comma at the end of dialogue, befor the tag.

“Heartstone is awesome.” she agreed. –> Unacceptable period usage in dialogue. – WHY?


What’s wrong with periods ending dialogue? And why can’t I find anything on the internet about this? Are we not supposed to talk about periods in public?

The use of the comma in dialogue is standard practice. Why? If the sentence being spoken comes to an end, why not use a period? If it’s ok to use a question mark or an exclamation mark, it’s consistent that we use a period too, is it not? Does it not flow better? Is the period not cleaner?

(I’ll bet that’s not a sentiment you ever thought you’d hear about periods.)

An editor at a publishing company would probably get emotional, ovary-react then bitch slap me and tell me to do grammar the traditional way. Then I’d fight for my way and we’d go back and forth in a never-ending, painful cycle. Well, I am unencumbered by such things as editors and publishing companies. I don’t have to worry about anyone cramping my style.

Therefore, and hoping it doesn’t upset too many readers who weren’t expecting it, I shall embrace the bloody period. I hope you do too. It’ll be great. We’ll be awash in periods. Maybe the change will become so popular that other authors will do the same and I’ll get a standing ovulation.

Yes, this is about the level of humor that you can expect from my Heartstone books. But hey, aren’t you glad that it’s a standard text-based book and not a visual novel?