Art that I’m commissioning may be used in book covers, ads, and on my website. My aim is to help my books come alive in people’s minds, which hopefully makes them more popular.

Because images are being used commercially, I want the artist behind it to be protected, and to make sure we’re both clear on how images will be used. I drew up a basic contract here: [Commission Contract].

If anything is strange, please let me know and we can modify it. It’s probably best for us both to sign it so that copyright is protected, right? Just want to make sure everyone is happy.


Dark Enchantress (Human)

The woman alone, powerful, sexy, maybe playful. Skin-tight dress without underwear or in lingerie.

Her description in the book:

She was darkly radiant. Like the moon on a night with no stars, she shone so brightly it was overwhelming. She was young, perhaps his age and utterly beautiful, so much so that his heart squeezed in his chest. The goddess’s creamy skin… One gentle hand, with long, elaborately painted and jewelled nails…

Tall, confident, immaculate and gorgeous, she was physically the pinnacle of womanhood. And yet, somehow she also seemed evil and very deadly. Maybe it was the way she casually stood there with weight more on one foot, hand on her hip, hungrily eyeing him in the way one did when sizing up dessert.

She stepped close. In her very high heels, the woman was as tall as Arwin. His gaze became lost within her eyes, two dark gems of purple amethyst. Rare, exotic, beautiful eyes. Leaning in, long, wavy black hair framing her fine features, she spoke, her voice like silken steel. “Welcome to my parlour, said the spider to the flies.” Lips the colour of fresh blood curled into a smile that also flashed in her playful, yet calculating, intelligent eyes.

Reference Pics:

Having both nude and non-nude would be great.

Reference Pics (Layout, pose):

Yaz (Skeleton)

Yaz the friendly skeleton. About 180cm tall, bones slightly thicker than average. Kind expression.

The skeleton was naked, unhampered by the convention of clothing. While he appeared whole and as healthy as someone undead might, closer inspection hinted at the man’s age and perhaps an eventful past. Yaz had a thin crack in his skull, hairline fractures here and there around his body, a metal plate in one forearm keeping the bones in place, and one rib appeared to be bandaged to keep it in one piece.

Melina (Fairy)

She was virtually buzzing with positive energy, flitting back and forth on delicate green wings. Golden blonde hair was tied back in a thick ponytail, though several tendrils escaped, framing her delicate features and eyes the the color of dark honey. Her ears were slightly pointed, though not as much as Arwin imagined an elf’s ears would be.

She’s about 15cm in ‘real’ life. Wearing a pink mini dress.

Reference Pics:

Arwin (Human):

Short, dirty blonde hair. Athletic, muscled. About 180cm tall. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers.

Just a white t-shirt, but with a small logo, BURTON, in black letters, like below. The logo doesn’t have to be fully readable if you’ve got the body turned or something. Just the suggestion of the name is fine.

Reference pics: (Ryan Reynolds)

Brainy (Gremlin)

He’s wearing a tuxedo with bowtie and glasses. Carries a clipboard and a feather pen. Intelligent, suave, very polite, but evil.


Piers (Human)

Slightly older wizard type. Kind, smart. he’s both adventurer and academic. Classic style of clothes, but in a rainbow of colours.

Carries a satchel with notebooks. Armed with a quiver and bow on his back. Rides a white horse called Mortis (name is on the saddle).

Eris (Kumiho – Nine-tailed fox)

She has both an Asian human form with fox ears, and a were-fox form with a humanoid fox body and face. Both forms have 9 large tails.

two black furry fox ears poking out from her long, silky black hair. She wore a sexy, and very short, sleeveless pink cheongsam. The dress barely reached her slender thighs and had little slits up each side that reached to her hips. Her body was slender and feminine but she was endowed with a couple of lovely dwarf planets. But what really took Arwin’s breath away were her nine large, fluffy black tails

Very sexy. Naughty and chaotic evil, but pretends to be good to trick people.

Her were-form is badass and she’s an excellent fighter, very different from her deceptive human appearance.


Human form:

Dress and other features:

Kree (Lich magic-user)

A magic user that was king when he died. Still has some desiccated flesh, tendons and muscles.


Jacquelin (Hamster)

Small, very simple, female hamster. Probably looks the same as a male one. lol. Perhaps with slightly longer eyelashes?

Inspired by:


Fastigiate (Were-fox)

Humanoid were-fox (fox head, paws, but were-wolf style body shape). Near-metallic red fur, except for the tip of his very big, fluffy tail and from his chest down to his loins, which are snow-white (general triangular shape accenting his manly chest).

He’s muscled, sleek, with broad shoulders. Handsome. Wears only a loin cloth.