Dracula: London Calling

“I really enjoyed it…a lot of suspense…I read it at night time to really get the feel of the eerie vibe it had, I loved it, great job!”
– Katie J Hayes

“This is good, very exciting. You managed to pull me into that world and keep me eager to see what happened next. I quite enjoyed it. I love vampire stories and most are written poorly but this is just so well done! (wild applause)
– Melinda Pouncey

“I like how youpaced the end and how you described the weird things happening; I felt in the middle of it. It was a spooky read. Thanks!”
– Pamela Stasisk

Dracula; London Calling

A spooky fun, Halloween-style tale of love and vampires.

It’s Transylvania, October 31, 1895, two years before Dracula leaves to invade London.

A young girl longs for a romantic rendeveau with the boy she loves. Heedless of her parents warnings about this unholy All Hallows Night, and contemptuous of the supernatural, Maria and Dimitru sneak off into the deep, dark woods.

Arriving at an isolated cabin far from anyone, they talk about how her parents are determined to take her love and the future she wants for herself away from her. And how the boy dreams of leaving his small village for a big city and big dreams. They celebrate their love and come together to pledge their future to one another.

But all is not as it should be this strange night. Creatures behave unnaturally. Things begin to frighten them.

And, worst of all, something out there is stalking them…

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