To Be With You


To be with you or not to be with you?
That is the question.
It presents itself every day.
Quietly, yet with hope.
And every day, I choose: You.

Each small decision is an act of commitment.
A seemingly tiny, yet vital act of love.
A pledge, a promise, an act of devotion.
Thus each day, with conscious will,
My commitment grows,
My love deepens.

A little yesterday, a little more today,
So that now you have,
All of me.

S… 1



Morning sun streams across my pillow, warm bed empty beside me

Imagination flowers with beautiful memories

Lonely but hopeful I dream of you, longing for your touch

by Timothy Baril

S… 2



There’s an emptiness in me when I am without you near

A void, I’m without purpose, but all changes the moment you return

Because I fill it up with passion, dreams and hope by loving you

by Timothy Baril