• Poetry

    Colours of Life

    What shade would you give giggling?What particular tone most represents tickling?Is laughter a burst of sunshine yellow coming over an unexpected horizon? I think heartache might be a kind of bruised purple, or,…

  • Poetry

    To Be With You

    To be with you or not to be with you? That is the question. It presents itself every day. Quietly, yet with hope. And every day, I choose: You. Each small decision is…

  • Poetry

    S… 1

    Morning sun streams across my pillow, warm bed empty beside me Imagination flowers with beautiful memories Lonely but hopeful I dream of you, longing for your touch

  • Poetry

    S… 2

    There’s an emptiness in me when I am without you near A void, I’m without purpose, but all changes the moment you return Because I fill it up with passion, dreams and hope…

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