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Writing is a process that takes place entirely in the dark (of one’s head). While everything might look good in our own creative imagination, and we may think it looks good on paper when we put it down, it is VERY helpful to have insight from others. I need your feedback! Everything we do in life is a collaborative process, including creating a book. Please, help me by reading the manuscript before it’s sent to a professional editor. Tell me what you think; don’t hold back. I’m looking for constructive feedback, if possible. Something more than “It was fun.” 1. What did you love? 2. What did you hate? 3. Did any parts confuse you? If so, where? 4. Did you ever lose interest in the story and want to stop? If so, where? 5. What did you think of each main character? 6. Did the narrative come alive in your mind? That is, was everything easy to imagine, or would more descriptive details be appreciated? And any other comments you might have.   I sincerely appreciate your help. 😀 Current Projects Heartstone novels (comedy, fantasy, adult)