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Lovers hands


Life is a long, lonely journey punctuated by all-too-brief interludes of something more precious than we might realize: other people. Life has a lot to celebrate on its own, but it is the company of those special to us that give life its brilliant colours, beautiful sounds and exquisite flavours. Life is simply better when shared.

How sweet it is to share a funny story with our friends. How lovely it is to share a beautiful sunset with a lover’s arm around us. Everything becomes sweeter and more exciting when we get to share it with people we like and respect and care about. They are what make life worth living.

Sometimes we get lucky. More than lucky, it’s enough to almost believe in fate or divine intervention. There are those unique, rare, breathtaking instances when someone comes along who is – more.soulmates-on-fire


Sometimes we feel like the world is against us. We get beaten down by the competition and selfishness of others. A stranger carelessly getting in our way, another petty person at the office saying bad things behind our backs. Or it feels like everyone else is happy and winning at life, but not us. Soulmates give us the strength to stand up and try again, to endure, to fight back. They help us believe that our success is still possible.

Sometimes we feel worthless. We can’t seem to do anything right. Everything seems to go wrong no matter how hard we try. It’s one failure after another, one more stroke of bad luck in a seemingly endless string of ill fortune. Soulmates give us reason to believe in ourselves and feel like we’re worth success, that we even deserve it. Their support gives us reason to hope.

Sometimes we stop loving ourselves. It feels like no-one out there cares about us. We turn on ourselves, hate ourselves, blame ourselves, convince ourselves that we’re losers and deserve the worst that life can throw our way. When we feel most alone and helpless, when we have given up on ourselves, it the enduring, immutable, constant love of our soulmates that encourages us to love ourselves again. They never give up on us, no matter what.

But all of that is only what we receive. Soulmates also do something even more magical. They inspire us to become better people. They inspire us to give, to help, to sacrifice – to love.

They give us someone worth sharing every funny story and every beautiful sunset with. They give us someone worth helping when they feel down and we want to help. They give us someone to support when life gets hard and we want to support them. They give us someone to love with every fibre of our being, giving us noble purpose and fulfillment, and we want to love them.

They are the best of friends, connecting with us on levels beyond all others. They are also the most intimate of lovers, bringing forth passions within us that we never before knew existed. We feel safe with them. We fear no embarrassment. We feel absolutely free to be who we really are with them because we know that they accept us more fully than anyone else does. They are the perfect partner, complimenting us, raising us higher, inspiring us. And when life is shared with them, the experience ascends to a level more sublime and heavenly.

Some of us may never meet a soulmate. But I did.

It is because of you that I have grown so much more than I ever thought I would. You give me reason to. You give me reason to try harder. You give me reason to love more deeply. You give me reason to be more patient, to learn to listen, to care more, to really understand someone else. You give me true partnership, so that I will never be alone as long as I have you in my life.

You’re the reason why I know I can endure anything. Because I would endure anything for you.

You’re the reason why I never lose hope. Because you give me reason to hope for so many things.

You’re the reason why I believe in myself. Because you are beautiful and incredible in so many ways and if someone like you believes in me, then I can too.

You’ve taught me so much about myself. About relationships. About life. About love. I have become the person I am today because of you.

You’re the reason why I believe in soulmates.

And you’re the reason I want to be good enough to be yours.




Really Slow Motion: One More Time

The memories of you will always be
engraved within my heart.
It’s hard to say goodbye,
there’s only one last dream we left behind.
I’ll give you all my life and soul,
please hold me one more time.
Don’t be afraid to come with me
across the waves of time.

Find me in the night,
touch me with your soul,
hold me in your arms,
don’t let go.
Kiss me in the rain,
steal my breath away,
close your eyes and dream one more time.
Whisper to the stars,
sing this song for me,
let the ocean rise upon us,
come and fly away with me
to the rising light,
close your eyes and dream
one more time,
one more time with you.

Everywhere you’ll be, I’ll be there for you.

And There Is Love

There is love, my beloved...
There is love, beloved of my heart…

There are times when telling you that I love you seems poorly inadequate to describe the sheer immensity of how I feel for you. What we have between us is so much more than words can readily express. So much more than I can sum up with the simple, oft-used word of love. It is too common a word, too easily thrown around, it’s meaning diluted, used everyday in places where a lesser word should be substituted. What exists between us is love, but brighter, greater, of a degree and quality known only to the most fortunate and the the most determined.

There is love, beloved of my heart, and there is Love. Ours, without doubt, is the latter.

I wish I could lay our Love out like a book. I would show you our story. I would show you that you are my heroine and I your hero. That you have saved me, and that I will always be fighting for you. That we can overcome any monster together and that life is an adventure. That we will live happily ever after, in each other’s arms, together.

I wish I could spread our Love before you, like a garden. I would show you all the lovely things that flourish in the sunshine of your smile. I would show you all the brilliant flowers that thrive in the nourishment of our care. I would show you how sweet the fruits of our love taste. I would even show you the prickly thorns and dark, scary corners, and how these are not so scary, not when we are together, not at all, in fact, because when we’re together, there’s nothing to fear, and even the thorns are beautiful.

I wish I could array our Love before you, like an endless museum of art. I would show you the cherished memories that we have sculpted together. I would show you the glorious paintings made of warm feelings and glimpses of happy things to come. I would show you how precious we are, how fine, how temporal and yet everlasting. I would show you the exquisite beauty of our souls, worthy of awe, worthy of respect, worthy of each other.

I wish I could immerse you in our Love, like being immersed in the galaxies of the universe. Amidst countless other stars, two heavenly bodies, revolving around each other, growing hotter and hotter as we near, inflamed with passion and lust, and when we join at last, producing an explosive supernova that bursts across the infinite blackness, thundering through absolute silence, shattering the absolute cold with our fiery heat, an inspiration to all lovers everywhere.

I wish I could help you see our Love the way I do, full of happy things, full of life and hope. It rings with merry laughter and sings with joy. It is full and rich and deep, so much so that what problems may come appear insignificant, easily surmountable, like pebbles dropped in the ocean. Our triumphs are of such wonder that they inspire ballads and poetry of a kind that will enthral generations to come. In my mind, you are already legend.

In the brief, turbulent years we humans call life, love is what we cherish above all else. All love is precious, but not all love is equal.

Thee and me, you and I, we are we. We are Love.

100 Things I Love About You

Romantic moon couple

The moon shone full and bright upon the the couple. So radiant and large was the orb above that the stars gracefully bowed out of the immediate vicinity and that portion of the sky dedicated itself entirely to the light of la lune. Just as the night seemed dedicated to this lovely pair of lovers, walking together as if under their very own heavenly spotlight.

Yet the two were hardly aware of their surroundings, so entranced they were with each other. Eyes cast smoldering glances, fingers intertwined and squeezed and lips excitedly trembled. He pressed her up against the trunk of a maple tree and passionately kissed her under its vast branches. She threw him onto a bench resting by a gurgling fountain and ardently kissed him in turn. They tumbled and played through the park, bodies hot with desire, hearts aglow with happiness.

On the cobblestone path he wrested his lips from hers and held her at arm’s length. “My darling, I simply can’t contain myself any longer. I can’t keep silent. I love you and I want to shout it from the tree tops!”

“And I love you, silly man. Now come back here and give me those luscious lips of yours.” she smiled lasciviously and hungrily reached for him.

They clung together for a brief moment and two thirds, then he pushed himself away again. “No. I must speak my heart! This happiness that I feel inside me, brought on by how wonderful and amazing you are, I must proclaim it to the world. These feelings cry out within me and I must shout them aloud. I love you and only you and there could never be any other.”

“Ha! Never any other?” she playfully teased. “Not that cute waitress, who would so dearly love to serve herself to you someday?”

“No.” he stated surely.

“Oh? Not that voluptuous clerk at the grocery store, whose breasts are as big as melons and wants to offer you her sweet fruits?”

“I cannot even picture her in my mind.” he absently waved the thought away.

“Really? Truly? What about the sexy dancer from the club? The one who writhes her hot body like a hunting dragon and you are her prey.”

His hand cut through the night air. “Never!”

“Hmmm.” she hummed and skipped down the path. She stopped at a rose bush and cupped a full blossom in her hand. “How can I believe you? How do I know that I am not just another rose among many, to be cast aside when I wilt, to be replaced when another blooms more beautifully?”

“Honey, surely you jest. If you are a rose, then all others are daisies. There are none that can match your exquisite qualities.”

She turned away and and looked up at the moon, speaking in a tone of voice that said she didn’t believe him, though the sparkle in her eye and the smile at the corner of her lips betrayed her real feelings. “And what qualities are those? What makes me so special?”

He rushed to her side and scooped her up in his arms. She squealed as he twirled her around. Then he gently placed her on her feet and knelt before her. “Darling dearest, heart of my heart, please, let me tell you why you are special, why you are the one for me. Let me tell you why you’re great and why I’m with you. I shall give you one hundred things that I love about you.”

She laughed. “A hundred! Why, I hardly believe that you could come up more than three or four, at best.” She cupped her breasts and turned her hip to flash her backside at him, emphasizing her point. Or rather, her curves.

He spent a good moment admiring those mouth-watering lower curves in front of him before reluctantly moving his eyes upward. Before they could reach her face, they became entangled in her bountiful upper curves, and only after much consideration of these fine aspects did he at long last reach her smiling face. “My love. If you gave me forever, I could recite for you an unending list of everything that makes you fabulous. But as we do not live forever, and already I miss those lips, let a hundred suffice for now, and we shall leave the rest for later.”

“Very well. But I don’t think you will be able to reach a hundred. And I’ll be counting! No repeating, that’s cheating.”

“On my honor, I would never cheat. And I promise, there is no need.”

“Then, my dear, handsome man, if you really do manage to reach one hundred reasons why you love me, then I shall grant you my most precious reward.”

He grinned and leaped to his feet. “Then let’s waste not a moment more, for I long for your gifts.” He ran to the bench, jumped up on it, and from there he went up the fountain until he stood atop it, straddling the gushing water, and struck a heroic pose. “Without further ado and not a second to waste, hear me speak from the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my soul, where you complete me. My glorious angel, one hundred things I love about you!”

She comically rolled her eyes and gave a mock sigh. “Oh my, is it all going to be this dramatic?”

He ignored her sally, jumped down to the ground and began.

“I love your kisses.” He planted his lips on hers and crushed her delicate rose petals. Releasing her with a grin, he said. “You’re the best kisser, the only girl I ever enjoyed making out with.”

“Mmm. You’re pretty good yourself.” she dizzily replied.

“Where shall I start?”

“I thought you just did.” she said, still happily dazed.

“That was just my opening argument, dear heart.”

“Then at the beginning?” she suggested.

“Yes. I shall start with you and the beauty of this rose that captivated me so from the moment we met, and every day since.” He ran his hand along her thighs. “I love your sexy, dance-sculpted legs that can wrap around me and hold me within you.” The hands roamed upwards. “Your ass is the best I’ve ever seen. As full and round as the moon above, I am addicted to squeezing this scrumptious backside.” Further upwards the hands travelled. “Your breasts are perfect for me. No other shape so pleasing, no size more compelling. They feel designed to fit exactly into my hands.” To prove his point his massaged them gently, bringing a moan from the already excited woman. She pressed forward into them, but the hands continued onwards, to her visible frustration. “Your luxurious long hair and the way it falls across your beautiful face and hides those mysterious eyes. The way your hair tickles my face when you’re above me. Your perfect teeth and cute nose. Your cute little ears, which I love to nibble on, and which hear only kind words.” He softly bit an earlobe, eliciting an exhalation of pleasure. Then he took her hand in his and affectionately looked down at them. “Your adorable little fingers and the way they caress me with such loving care.”

She rounded on him with smoky eyes and a throaty voice. “OK, less talking, more touching.”

He laughed. “How sweet and sexy you are when saying naughty things.” He allowed her to drag him under the maple tree and onto the soft bed of grass below. They lay down atop their jackets. Gazing into her eyes, he asked, “What’s next?”

Her hand leaped to her mouth in mock horror. “Don’t tell me you’re out of ideas already?”

“Ah! I know.” He dropped on hand to her buttock and squeezed firmly. “The sex.”

She laughed gaily and wiggled the backside for him. “Of course.”

“Like this dress.” He pointed out the way it was very short and very tight. “I love that you wear sexy clothes because you know just how much I love looking at you, and how much I enjoy being excited by you. You wear them for me, for my attention, because you want me to want you, and it’s thrilling to be wanted that way.

“The way you dance at the club, throwing yourself completely into it, every movement erotic and enticing, as if you’re trying to seduce me afresh with every song. The special smile you get when you’re dancing and the pride you have in yourself because you know just how hot you are, and how excited you’re making me.”

“I think someone’s getting pretty excited right now.” she observed with amusement, running her hand up the stiff tent in his pants.

He smiled. “I love that you are so comfortable and trust me so much to try so many new things. That you trusted me enough to go shopping for sex toys and not hold back or be embarrassed. That you trusted me enough to take pictures of you in your most intimate moments. That you trusted me enough to have the hottest phone sex. That you trusted me enough to have incredible webcam sex. That you were bold enough to try anal and then honest enough to admit you like it.”

She blushed, unable to reply.

“I love how you are as excited to make love to me as I am to you. Even when you’re not feeling your best, your prettiest, your most energetic, you still want to make love.” His hand slid up under her dress and quickly found her center. He smiled at what he found there. “I love how wet you get. That you get so much pleasure from my hands inside you. How you take me in your mouth with such enthusiasm, like I belong there, and so do you. How your pussy tastes, and how it gets better with every orgasm. The hot look of intense passion on your face when we make love. The look of pure joy you have riding on my cock with 2 fingers in your ass. That when you look into my eyes as you climax it feels like our souls are connecting. And that your multiple orgasms make me feel triumphant.”

For a few moments the conversation paused as his fingers busied themselves. She gave barely a glance around to determine their privacy, the illicit and daring public action making her excited. Soon, she shuddered and looked up at him with vulnerable eyes. They kissed. She put her arms around him and drew herself close, snuggling her face into his shoulder.

He continued. “When you rest your head on my shoulder or chest, it makes me feel manly. I love how you love to cling to me all night, but never cling emotionally. How your body fits perfectly into mine no matter what we do, but especially when we hug, cuddle or make love. How you won’t use a pillow unless it’s mine and we share. How our faces turn to each other all night long, as if gazing into each other’s eyes even when they’re closed.”

“This isn’t going to be one hundred things about sex, is it?” She pinched him playfully. “Is that all there is to me? I’m just a hot lay?”

“Not at all. I’m just getting warmed up.” He absently stroked her arm as he spoke. “I love your fashion.” He got a faraway look in his eyes as he remembered the past. “How you looked in that darling blue shirt and short shorts the night we met. Your Halloween costume and the first night we made love. Your pearl necklaces and how proud you were when I give them to you.” He winked and she punched him, but not hard. “The saucy orange bikini we bought together. Remember how many we tried on before that one? So much fun. The white thong you tease me with when I am feeling down. Your Hello kitty period panties. The way your mini shorts show the curve of your ass and make me want to crawl behind you and stare at that bountiful backside for hours. Your towering pink heels and your tiny pink dress. Your slinky, deep-cut green dress. And best of all, when you wear nothing at all.”

She sat up and eyed him seductively. “I may wear that last one for you later if you can keep this up.”

“I love how you reveal your every mood so easily. I can read this pretty face and body like the world’s most interesting book, so I always know just how you feel. How you pucker your delightfully lips when you’re thinking or playing. The way you puff out your cheeks when vexed. The way you scrunch your nose and shake your head when you’re playfully frustrated, a state I thoroughly enjoy putting you in. You honestly have love in your eyes and it shows in your entire body language, so that when we’re together, I can see that to you, I’m your man, that we are a team, a couple, that you’re my girl, and there’s never any doubt of that. We’re the centre of each other’s universe.”

She stuck her tongue out at him. “And what does that face mean?”

“That you’re secretly pleased with everything I’m saying and are trying not to show it.”

Her lips twisted as she tried to suppress a determined smile. “Hmph.”

“I love how you walk like no one else, sashaying through the room like you own it. That you workout to stay healthy, eat smart and care about yourself. How you let yourself become so free when you do something silly and make it awesome, when most people would become shy and less committed. The way you used to keep a messy apartment, but that it still looked so cute. And that now that we’re together, it’s always sparkling clean. Your favourite old Winnie the Pooh robe. How you dance when you’re happy, alone in your room. That you thrust your bottom lip when you pout, and it makes me want to bite it. That you sometimes check out other girls and then point them out to me. That’s so cool. That you’re so ticklish, and that you don’t get angry at me for doing it.” He made to tickle her now, but she snatched up his hands and held them solidly.

“Don’t you dare.” she said threateningly but with a twinkle in her eye.

He continued as if they were just holding hands. “Your love for your family. That you help your family out before yourself. Your unwavering kindness to everyone. How you are with kids. That you care so much for your friends and work so hard to spend time with them, genuinely wanting to be there for them in need, being so selfless and generous. How you never say anything bad about anyone, ever.”

“‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.’”

“You know what’s awesome? How you love challenges. The fire in you to be the best friend, best girlfriend, best everything. I’m always so proud of you. You’re so mature, classy, and elegant in everything. You’re truly a lady. You’re always ready to smile even in the most dramatic moments, and we’ve turned more than one argument or sad conversation completely and happily in the other direction because that.”

“Thanks to you.” she noted with approval. “Not many people can make a joke in the middle of something heated, or diffuse a situation like you.”

“And not many people would go allow the situation to be diffused.” he pointed out.

“Fair enough.” she nodded. “Fighting isn’t going to help. We can’t communicate if we’re shouting or crying.”

“And that’s it right there. Your self control. You so rarely act emotionally without thinking first, because you don’t want anyone to get hurt or treated unfairly.”

“Thank you.” she kissed him, looking a bit proud of herself.

He smiled. “I love that you go after what you want, and you so often seem to pick the right things to go after. Your giving spirit. Whether it’s volunteering or giving books to the library or spending all day cooking for me. Whenever a friend gets hurt, even if it’s your fault, you try to fix it, showing incredible generosity, humility, and integrity. You’re so happy and open and draw people to you from every walk of life. Everyone loves you, and it makes me proud to have you on my arm. Not just because your body is so beautiful, but because your character is too.”

She froze and touched his arm with mock concern. “What? I have character? You mean you’re not just into me for my tits?”

“I already covered the tits. Would you like me to go over them again?” he asked innocently.

“Maybe.” she offered her chest, thrusting it towards him.

He obligingly reached out and fondled her as he continued. “I love your adventurous spirit, the one that takes you to the park at night for risky, naughty stuff, because that’s what turns you on so you made it happen.  How you almost never say no or can’t, even to threesomes, which I love you even more for because having them showed me how much trust and faith you have in me and us. And because not only were you willing to try it, but you honestly admitted enjoying the experience. And I know your brave, daring spirit applies to so much more than sex. It applies to challenging yourself in all kinds of ways, from travel to food to personal growth and that makes me want to show you the whole world so that you can have the greatest adventure of your life.”

“I still can’t believe I let you talk me into those. But you’re right, I’m glad you did.” she kissed him again.

“You’re such an admirable person on the inside. How passionate you get about what’s important. Your honesty. Your competence. Whatever you do, you do well. Your dependability. I can always trust in you, rely on you when we have something that needs to be done. Your trustworthiness is absolute. Never once have I doubted you. Your integrity, always doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, even if no-one is looking. That you will go out of your way to do the right thing even if it means more work, even when others chose not to do the same.”

“At least, I try.” she added modestly, really blushing now.

“I love how smart you are, and how you’re not arrogant at all about it, or about the skills and abilities you work hard to develop. That you never look down on others. Your humility. When you make mistakes, you own up to them, and try to fix them. I’ve never seen anyone take so much responsibility for themselves. I love how proud you are of your yourself, not to be a snob, you’re not arrogant, you honestly believe in your own inherent goodness because it’s something you constantly work towards building. How you never, ever complain. I can’t tell you how astounding and awesome that is. How you’re always calm, even in the roughest situations. How fearless you usually are, but when you do get scared, how you overcome it, never letting it beat you. I think that’s why you’re so confident and strong.”

“I just don’t want to let being afraid of something hold me back from enjoying life. Or doing the right thing.”

He squeezed her hand. “And then there are all the ways I love you because of how you are with us. How you enjoy my massage the best and revel in the play of my hands across your naked, oiled body. How good your massage has become because you love me and wanted to make me happy so you practiced and tried hard. When we first me you were terrible at massage. But now – fantastic.”

She slapped him and stuck her tongue out again.

He chuckled. “I love you because, when we’re apart, no matter how difficult your computer is being, you keep trying to get it working so we can talk online. That you tried to grow plants because you knew I loved them, even though every plant you’ve ever tried to grow before withered and died horribly. How you always hold my hand and it feels right to be joined so. You’re not shy of even the most passionate public affection, letting me tell the world you’re mine. How you say you don’t need jewelry, but light up when we shop for couple rings. How complete and utterly you’re with me when we’re together. Your mind’s not in another place, you’re not shy or holding back, not thinking of someone else. And your lasagna. It’s to die for. If that was all there was to your lasagna, I would love you for it. But you learned to cook it because you know it’s my favourite and you wanted to make me happy. So I love you all the more.”

“Then I guess I know what you’re going to get tomorrow night.”

His fingers interlocked hers and he looked deep into her eyes. “You have been so patient throughout our relationship, so strong, that I know our relationship can withstand anything. We think alike so often, sharing the same values, yet when we differ, it doesn’t lead to conflict. We talk and work through it.”

“Because I don’t want anything to drive us apart. I want us to stay together.”

“I love that you appreciate me and us like that. And being around you, watching you grow, I love how you’ve inspired me to improve too. All the things you’ve taught me and that you make me want to learn more. You inspire me to be a better person, because I want to live up to this amazing girl with me and be good enough for her. Remember how you thought about giving up your old plans for the future after only a few dates because you were so excited to be with me and make a future with me in it instead of just for yourself? You make me want to give up everything for you too. I love you because even when things go bad and we cry and I realize I’ve wronged you, you make me want to never give up on us. I want to try again with you and be better for you. You give me so much humility because I respect you so much. I know you’re perfectly able to take care of yourself, but I love that you let me worry about you so I can feel useful and needed and take care of you.”

“I like taking care of you too.” she said softly.

“I adore that you instantly smile when you see me. I know it’s natural and that I make you happy. The best thing about you is that you love me me for me, not because I give you attention or make lots of money. You actually appreciate my characteristics, my values, my person. I love the way you reach out and touch me to comfort my sad face. The way your’e concerned for me like it’s the most important thing in the world at that time and you always know what to say and how to say it. That you’re supportive of my work. That you show an interest in it, that you care about it, that you want me to succeed. You care about my dreams as much as your own. That you ask me for help because you can trust me with anything, and you let me be there for you when you need someone.

She’d become too choked up to reply, looking away, trying to absorb his words.

“Most of all, I love that when I’m holding you, it feels like I’ve got the whole world in my hands.”

“I can’t believe that you know me so well.” she said looking up with tears in her eyes.

“That’s because you’re someone worth knowing.” He grinned. “I told you a hundred wouldn’t be difficult.”

She wiped away the tears and smiled back. “Well, technically that was one hundred and one.”

“Actually, a hundred and two. The last one was ‘That you said yes.’”

She looked puzzled. “Yes to what?”

He rose, knelt on one knee and pulled a sparkling ring from his pocket. “Will you marry me?”

She gasped then threw her arms around him. “Yes!”

This Is Why I Need You

Romantic love couple

Love & Romance Couple in Water

This is why I need you.

Every day I try to be the best person I can be. The reason I do that, is you.

I want to help you become the happiest, most successful person you can be. So I share my knowledge, look for ways to make you smile and laugh, and appreciate the many wonderful things about you, all the time.

Every day I work to become stronger, tougher, and wiser than before. So I can become better for you. So I can make the world a better place for you.

But I’m human and being all that, every day, can be a challenge. Because life isn’t easy. It wears at us. Sometimes it gets mean and beats us down and kicks dirt in our face. It gets hard to stand up and be ourselves. Sometimes, we just get tired.

I’m just like you. I get lonely. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I have bad days and stressful days. Sick days and ugly days. There are times when I feel like everyone hates me, and times when I hate myself.

Some days I look in the mirror and I see nothing but wrinkles, features that are too big, and eyes that are such a boring colour. And I wonder where all this fat came from.

There are evenings I’ll sit by the phone and watch it refuse to ring all night long. And I wonder why no one wants me around.

There are days when I’ll look at my work, my chores, my art, my life and I’ll feel like a total failure. I won’t feel good enough.

And I’ll feel that way even though some part of me knows none of it is true. Six days out of seven maybe I do have faith in myself but on this day that faith is gone and self doubt gnaws on my heart until it’s only chewed ruins, bleeding hope.

That’s why I need you.

Love & Friendship & Relationships

I don’t mean need like a baby needs a parent, I’m not dependent on you. I can stand on my own. But I do need you like a teammate, a partner, because I’m interdependent with you. Alone I can survive even the worst of things. But life can be so much better than just scraping by. If you have someone to share it with.

I need your smile to help raise my own. I need your laughter to give me something to cheer about. I need your enthusiasm and your energy to brighten my spirits. I need your compliments to bolster my self esteem, your caring words to heal my wounds. I need your beauty to make me excited about the world.

I need you to ask about my day, to ask about my feelings, the way I ask about yours. I need you to want to spend time with me, the way I want to spend time with you. I need you to just call me for no reason and be silly with me and invite me to dinner and ask me to build something or make something or design something for you just because you know I can and it gives me a chance to prove myself to you, prove what I can do, prove who I am. Because when you do that, I don’t feel like a loser or a failure, I feel like a good person.

I believe in you. And I need you to believe in me, because it reminds me to believe in myself.

I like being needed by you. It gives my life purpose and meaning. I feel like I have value. I want you to know that for all the wonderful ways you choose to share our time, I value you too. You’re important to me.

Life is a whole lot better when you’re in it with me.

This is why I need you.

Romantic love couple