Book Review: Warriors of the Storm (The Last Kingdom #9)

Book Review

Warriors of the Storm (The Last Kingdom #9)

Bernard Cornwell 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4 Stars)

Historical Fiction

A bloodbath of skull bashing and sword swinging and brutal, violent war. England’s history is one of war and Bernard Cornwell paints it vividly in Warriors of the Storm, the ninth book in the accailmed series.

A Northman pirate king is driven out of the nearby shores of Ireland and seeks new land. He seeks to find it in Britain. But the Saxons of the growing kingdom of England will have none of it. Led by a famous and stalwart warrior of many adventures, a defiant and outnumbered army boldly defends their lands from the invaders. When our hero’s daughter’s life is threatened, a mad rescue attempt is made all the way on the shores of Ireland where she’s beseiged by the Irish on one side and the pirate king’s men on the other.

But our hero isn’t just a valiant warrior, he’s also intelligent. Recruiting former enemies, he marches a tiny force into the pirate king’s back door in a brazen attempt to snatch the newly concquered kingdom out from the Northman’s nose. But will they survive when the pirate king turns his forces back around to destroy his old enemy? Read to find out.

I think my favourite part of the novel just might be Mus, the whore. And how she escaped capture. And how she was later ‘cheered’. I literally burst out laughing at that part.

The novel is a nice little work of historical fiction. It feels grey at times, like a storm brewing, and then explodes with furious action and death, like a storm raging. There’s no colourful varnish, no romance in the way they kill each other. It’s real, it’s brutal, it’s filled with blood. A tale of heroism and a window into how tragically cheap life can be. The setting and characters are excellently portrayed and it really does feel as if the reader is right there along for the gory, exciting ride.

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