Book Review: Sixth Grave On the Edge (Charley Davidson #6)

Book Review

Sixth Grave On the Edge (Charley Davidson #6)

Darynda Jones

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 Stars)

Mystery, Romance, Comedy, Supernatural

And it’s another good book. Charley Davidson is a solid series from Darynda Jones. Very solid. Not incorporreal at all. Though it may haunt you. Maybe get you to start thinking like Charley, talking like Charley, drinking coffee like Charley. This could get dangerous on so many levels.

Why wait to read the book? Let’s give you all the jaw-dropping, OMFG, climaxing spoilers that would have knocked your socks off – right now. Just kidding. I’m not that evil. But apparently Darynda Jones is as she teases out the series from one book to another – forever. Kidding. Once you’re addicted, you know you can never get enough.

You ever realize that, despite being this super great and powerful, potentially evil, baddest of the bad boys, Reyes is actually Charley’s bitch? I know he’s billed as this big deal, but really, isn’t he kind of whipped and sort of her personal pet/bodyguard/sex toy who does nothing to actually go out and save the day on his own, he just shows up to sever spinal cords, give her millions of dollars and the best orgasms ever?

Yeah, I basically like everything about the series except him. Or how he’s not really his own person at all, just a rich penis with a sword. But, as previously noted, maybe he’s just not my type. I’m sure a lot of girls would like to have the most beautiful, dangerous and sexy man in the universe at their beck and call with little to no will of his own, just a slavish desire to devote himself to her for all time. Wish fulfillment much? lol

I’m sure it’s the same way women have complained about the female who gets rescued in so many classic, male protagonist stories. Girls who are all boobs and no contribution to the plot. Ok, that’s not fair. Reyes is central to the plot. Lots of conflict around him. But I guess it would be easier to root for him if we experienced his own POV sometimes. Or if he didn’t lose total control of his emotions every time someone does anything at all. Or react to everything with rage. Do women seriously see us men that way? I hope not. Embarrassing if true.

But I love Charlotte. I don’t know if I’d date her in real life, cause she’s got a strong dorky side, and she gets herself and the people around her shot/maimed/dead on a regular basis, which would be a real damper on our sex life, cause your penis doesn’t work as well when you’re bleeding out, but man, her humour rocks. Ok, actually, I’d totally date her. From a distance.

The sixth book in the series, and can you believe I’m only getting to the plot this late in the review, and that maybe I didn’t even spell any of the plot out in the last review or two, anyway, where was I? Right, the plot. The Dealer is introduced, new potential bad guy but also potential good guy. Cookie’s dating life finally comes to life, and so does her daughter Amber’s, with explosive results. Well, less explosive for Amber; she’s only 12. There are plenty of dead people and they have problems and some endings are happy, others less so. A wall ‘mysteriously’ disappears.

There’s some sex. And coffee. They explore Reyes’ past and the family he had before his abusive kidnapper father. Ooh, a Mexican drug cartel drops by for a few laughs, then starts dropping other people. Turns out, not such a healthy thing, being dropped from a great height. The mystery of Charley’s dad deepens. And…the 12 Beasts of Hell are coming. That’s coming, not cumming. Because ew, messy. And bestiality is illegal.

Oh, and the book ends on a bang. Wait for it…

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