Book Review: John’s Walk

Book Review

John’s Walk

Bob Vince Jr

Christian Lit

John’s Walk by Bob Vince Jr is a series of short stories. Each one tells the tale of good, kind people who are either down on their luck or have something to offer others, and how a mysterious stranger named John connects these good people with others.

The stories promote cooperation, which is the foundation of human happiness and success, For that, the book deserves praise, for no goal is more worthy than encouraging goodness and cooperation between people. It’s the kind of book that just makes you feel good reading it when you think that just maybe there really are such good people out there in the world, and that maybe some people really are capable of kindness. I hope the book inspires such in its readers.

The book is a good first effort from Bob Vince Jr and a good indication that he’ll find success in the children’s stories he plans to tackle in the future. I, for on, wish him all the best.

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(Bob Vince Jr, with his own act of kindness, much like his character, John, read my own Heartstone books and gave them heaps of praise, for which I am very greatful. Thank you, Bob!)