Book Review: Blue Gold (NUMA Files #2)

Book Review

Blue Gold (NUMA Files #2, A Kurt Austin Adventure)

Clive Cussler & Paul Kemprecos

⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 Stars)


Blue Gold starts out with Kurt Austin and partner Joe Zavala in the middle of a high-octane, high-speed boat race. As their fragile craft fly over the water, a hair’s breath from death, they encounter a pod of dead whales. This sets them on an investigation that takes them up against what is perhaps the largest and most secretive and ambitious corporation on the planet, who’s evil aim is to control the world’s water supply, and then, the world.

As Kurt and Joe track down leads, the Trouts are having their own adventure in South America, where they discover a mysterious white goddess ruling a legendary tribe of Indians deep in the rainforest. This was actually my favourite part of the book. I love the idea of tracking through the rain forest and beautiful waterfalls and discovering beautiful women amidst the glorious green foliage. And when I read about how she’d engineered the village, I was like: that’s me! I love the idea of building things like that.

I like the idea of evil corporations. I think the truth is, they’re the number one real life bad guys out there right now. People who care more about personal profit and power than each other. But I guess I downgraded the book to 3 stars because it was a little over-the-top, 60’s Bond style villainy. Now, this was cool as far as the evil twins were concerned, and the giantess overlord. But something about the water theme came off as exaggerated, and we didn’t get nearly enough of the evil leader doing her evil thing.

The other reason I only awarded 3 stars was the ending. No spoilers here, but I would personally have gone a different route. But I’m a romantic. A different ending and I would definitely have upgraded to 4 stars.

Overall, the book was solid, a good read and typical of the NUMA Files. If you like Kurt Austin adventures, you’ll like this one.  🙂

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