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    Rose Meanings by Colour & Number

    Red Love 愛, Beauty 美, Courage 勇気  and Respect 尊敬, Romantic Love 恋愛, “I Love You”, Passion 情熱 Red (Dark), Deep Burgundy Unconscious beauty 無意識の美 Red (Single) (一つ) “I Love You” White Purity 清らかさ, Innocence…

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    The Friendship Garden

    This is my garden, which I call Friendship. It features all my friends, from my treasured inner circle to casual comrades. Its a spectacular event. I say event because gardens of any relationships…

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    Romance Of Zhang Li

    In a place long ago and a time far away, there was a little girl named Zhang Li. She was a rowdy and very undisciplined child. She terrorized the boys in her school…

  • Short Stories

    The Fever

    Ice cold winds beat brutally against the cabin door. Snow from the blizzard piled against the outside walls like ash, the landscape a barren wasteland to his eyes, the cabin an empty shell.…

  • Inspiration quote motivation poster 23

    Wisdom – Inspirational Quotes

    Wisdom Inspirational and Motivational Quotes Our entire lives are spent trying to live better. We’re constantly searching for the secrets of life, those pieces of information that are the keys to living well.…

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