Beta Readers Wanted

I’m looking for a few good men and women.

The writing process is a challenging one and I could really use your assistance. When I put story to paper, it really helps to have feedback. Are the characters likable? Is the story fun? Does it make you feel anything?

This is where you come in. You can read the unfinished story and help me understand how it appears in someone else’s head. You can give me feedback to help me make the story better.

But be warned: beta reading is not a job for everyone.

Beta reading means reading before the story is compete. Details and events may change before the finished version comes out. If you’re a hardcore fan of the story and characters, you may not want to be behind the scenes prior to publication.

Beta readers need to be objective, thorough, and preferably have a sound understanding of story. They must be able to communicate in-depth feedback. And, most of all, they have to be trustworthy. Because if they go leaking the story online before it’s finished, those spoilers are going to hurt a lot of people really excited to read the next book. And I won’t work with anyone who might hurt other people.

If being a beta reader sounds like it might be your thing, please contact me. You can use the contact form on the website.

Thank you!

Is this you? If yes, please write to me!