Author’s Note 3: Quests & Ogres

Welcome To Heartstone

Book 2: Quests & Ogres

March 2016

This Book

Book 2 was written at the same time as Book 1. They were released together. That way fans wouldn’t have to wait too long for the next part of the adventure.

You may have noticed a plethora of references and tributes in this book. There are far more than Book 1 or 3. Can you find them all? Every pun? Every nod to some aspect of popular or historical culture? I’d be very impressed if anyone was able to list even half. I dare you to try!

In some ways, this book was even more challenging to write than Book 1. While I had a couple of people read through the first book, that wasn’t the case with the second. So it probably needs changes. I wish I could publish a more finished book, but at least I have the ability to make changes because it’s a digital ebook world now. I definitely have to work on getting a few trustworthy beta readers, people who actually read the book and provide feedback.

I tried doing a beta reading trade with another author. I read and returned her book-in-progress immediately. I’ve been waiting more than 2 months for her to send me comments on mine and received nothing yet. It’s kind of soured me on trades. Some people are selfish. Please, don’t be selfish. When you commit to something, follow through or else no-one will trust you.

As I write this, it is spring here in Osaka, Japan. The cherry blossoms are just opening up and, like in the scene in Hi, Piers, trees look like they’re covered in cotton candy. It’s very beautiful. Tokyo is fine, but if you’re ever interested in visiting Japan, and I do think it’s worth a visit, spend only a couple of days in Tokyo before heading south. Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara are more relaxed and beautiful.

At this time, I’m at something of a dramatic midpoint (hopefully) climax with my best friend and muse. I want to marry her, she wants to follow her career to the other side of the world. Challenges have ensued for us both and the very future of our relationship is in question.

She has understandable fears and insecurities to deal with, including wondering whether or not she can make me happy and be successful in her career at the same time. I don’t have the same fear. She makes me very happy. I’ve tried to tell her that she makes me so happy that it would take two or even three gorgeous, sexy bisexual women loving me together full-time to replace the precious time I do get with just one of her.

(If any gorgeous, sexy bisexual women would like to try, you can find me on Facebook.)

If she reads this, I just want my beautiful muse to know that she’s wonderful and amazing, inside and out, and that being with her is the greatest adventure of my life. I hope the adventure never ends.

Future of Heartstone

I have, thus far, one more novel to follow this one to complete the current story arc. Book 3 is currently in the works, worry not.

Book 4 will continue to develop a certain key relationship. Also, I think it would be fun to take a bit of Heartstone back to Earth and see what happens. Although, I say this now, but those ideas could completely change. That book will be a while in coming though. I have other projects which need to come first. Although, I suppose if enough fans politely bug me to work on Book 4, I might be persuaded to rearrange priorities. Please, no memes like those directed at George RR Martin wondering if the next book will come out before he’s dead. That’s really not cool.

Other Projects

Heartstone isn’t the only fictional universe I’m working on. I’m a HUGE fan of Halloween. I love it. I want it to last a month or six weeks like Christmas does. I can’t get enough. So I have two different story universes under construction based on that love.

The first is Monsters and the Danse Macabre. It features collaborative projects, despite the fact that the other author is long dead. But, frankly, isn’t that perfect for a Halloween-style novel? Carmilla and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow are both available. More coming.