And There Is Love


Morning sun streams across my pillow, warm bed empty beside me
Imagination flowers with beautiful memories
Lonely but hopeful I dream of you, longing for your touch


There’s an emptiness in me when I am without you near
A void, I’m without purpose, but all changes the moment you return
Because I fill it up with passion, dreams and hope by loving you

And There is Love

There are times when telling you that I love you seems poorly inadequate to describe the sheer immensity of how I feel for you. What we have between us is so much more than words can readily express. So much more than I can sum up with the simple, oft-used word of love. It is too common a word, too easily thrown around, it’s meaning diluted, used everyday in places where a lesser word should be substituted. What exists between us is love, but brighter, greater, of a degree and quality known only to the most fortunate and the the most determined.

There is love, beloved of my heart, and there is Love. Ours, without doubt, is the latter.

I wish I could lay our Love out like a book. I would show you our story. I would show you that you are my heroine and I your hero. That you have saved me, and that I will always be fighting for you. That we can overcome any monster together and that life is an adventure. That we will live happily ever after, in each other’s arms, together.

I wish I could spread our Love before you, like a garden. I would show you all the lovely things that flourish in the sunshine of your smile. I would show you all the brilliant flowers that thrive in the nourishment of our care. I would show you how sweet the fruits of our love taste. I would even show you the prickly thorns and dark, scary corners, and how these are not so scary, not when we are together, not at all, in fact, because when we’re together, there’s nothing to fear, and even the thorns are beautiful.

I wish I could array our Love before you, like an endless museum of art. I would show you the cherished memories that we have sculpted together. I would show you the glorious paintings made of warm feelings and glimpses of happy things to come. I would show you how precious we are, how fine, how temporal and yet everlasting. I would show you the exquisite beauty of our souls, worthy of awe, worthy of respect, worthy of each other.

I wish I could immerse you in our Love, like being immersed in the galaxies of the universe. Amidst countless other stars, two heavenly bodies, revolving around each other, growing hotter and hotter as we near, inflamed with passion and lust, and when we join at last, producing an explosive supernova that bursts across the infinite blackness, thundering through absolute silence, shattering the absolute cold with our fiery heat, an inspiration to all lovers everywhere.

I wish I could help you see our Love the way I do, full of happy things, full of life and hope. It rings with merry laughter and sings with joy. It is full and rich and deep, so much so that what problems may come appear insignificant, easily surmountable, like pebbles dropped in the ocean. Our triumphs are of such wonder that they inspire ballads and poetry of a kind that will enthral generations to come. In my mind, you are already legend.

In the brief, turbulent years we humans call life, love is what we cherish above all else. All love is precious, but not all love is equal.

Thee and me, you and I, we are we. We are Love.