The Timu Lifestyle

Live healthy.

That means eating smart, being regularly active, getting the right amount of rest, and avoiding what’s bad for you (sugar, tobacco, drugs, alcohol).

Release stress.

Have a LOT of sex. Preferably, wild and adventurous sex.

Always Be Learning

Question everything. Then go looking for information, theories and current answers. Always be willing to accept new information if it is proven, and be willing to change one’s understanding. Constantly use the internet to seek out more info, self analyze everything, and converse with everyone.

Reach for ideals. Want to become the best. Never strive for mediocrity.


Be practical. Dream big, but wisely.

Love with all your heart. Never hold back because it might be embarrassing or you might get hurt. Love is a verb, an action. Act often. Do not wait for love to come to you first.

Pain is temporary. Every broken heart goes on beating. Do not avoid something because pain might come about. Do it anyway, and if you get hurt, stand up again, learn from it and move on.


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